Exhausted Ann Widdecombe sleeps on train

Thursday November 4, 2010

With each week that's gone by on Strictly Come Dancing, Ann Widdecombe's acrobatics have reached new heights.

So it was understandable that the former MP was feeling tired this week.

After nearly two months on the show, the 63-year-old was snapped on a London overground train on Tuesday, fast asleep.

With her head leant back against the window and her mouth wide open, Ann looked exhausted.

But it seems that despite her fatigue, she is enjoying her time on Strictly.

"One step at a time, so to speak, is the right approach but I would love to last the course because I have never had so much fun," she said recently.

Photo: © BBC

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  • Exhausted Ann Widdecombe sleeps on train

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