Abbey Clancy opens up on Peter's alleged affair

Wednesday January 5, 2011

Abigail Clancy has spoken out about her footballer fiancé Peter Crouch's reported affair - and her subsequent fears for their unborn child.

The 24-year-old, who is six months pregnant with her first baby, has revealed that she worried the stress brought on by rumours Peter had cheated would damage the baby.

And she has said she hated feeling exposed in the months that followed the scandal.

Abbey, who was only a few weeks pregnant when the allegations surfaced, told Glamour magazine: "I don’t like feeling vulnerable.

"I don’t like being weak in front of my mum or anyone for that matter. I don’t like crying.

"Even through all the s***, I didn’t speak to anyone, we've kept our private life private."

The Liverpudlian model - whose baby is due in March - has also insisted that her relationship with Peter is back on track.

"I'm fine. We're both fine. We've got our little baby coming. There are worse things that have happened."

Photo: © Rex

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