Karen Gillan defends Dr Who's sidekick Amy Pond

Monday April 5, 2010

Her character Amy Pond's short skirts sparked debate among Doctor Who fans after the first episode of the new series was shown this weekend.

But actress Karen Gillan has spoken up in defence of the new Timelord's companion's dress sense.

"I tried on different things and when it came to the short skirts, I just thought it was right," says Karen, whose character starts out as a kissogram.

"I mean, look down most high streets and girls Amy's age wear that. It's not that weird.

"Short skirts show that Amy is confident and comfortable about her look. You have to have confidence to wear something like that," adds the Scottish star – pictured with the Timelord himself, Matt Smith.

The first episode was watched by 8 million viewers on Saturday afternoon, the BBC has revealed.

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  • Karen Gillan defends Dr Who's sidekick Amy Pond

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