Oasis offer fans full refund after powercut interrupts gig

Friday June 5, 2009

Noel Gallagher – the lead guitarist with British band Oasis – has promised 70, 000 fans a full refund on the price of their tickets after two major powercuts interrupted the outfit's gig in Manchester on Thursday night.

It was the group's first concert in their hometown for four years, but they were forced to leave the stage twice due to technical problems. 

To make amends to local fans who'd paid around £45 for a ticket, Noel announced: "This is a free gig - let's have it. Anybody who has kept their ticket will get a full refund." 

If taken up by all concert-goers, the refund offer could cost organisers £3 million. However for many the chance to hear their favourite band perform live outweighed the complications.

"I think we got our money's worth," one fan told the BBC. "OK, there were a few problems, but they played some brilliant songs. Champagne Supernova – it gets me every time."

Oasis are currently on the road with their Dig Out Your Soul world tour.


Photo: © Rex

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  • Oasis offer fans full refund after powercut interrupts gig

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