Cameron Diaz pregnant again in new film

Wednesday June 5, 2013

In life, Cameron Diaz has neither married nor had children, however, on screen, the actress knows first hand what is it to be pregnant.

In recent years, Cameron has played a pregnant woman on two occasions, first in What to Expect When You're Expecting, and now again in her upcoming film, The Other Woman, where she returns with her fake pregnant stomach.   

The film, directed by Nick Cassavete, which hits screens next year, tells the story of a woman who discovers her boyfriend living a double life with another woman. It is upon discovering eachother that the women unite and seek to avenge the man who betrayed them.

The star, 40, recently revealed she is not in a hurry to have children.

"I'm not sitting there going, 'Oh, my God, when am I going to get married? When am I going to have a baby?'" the actress told Harper's Bazaar UK last year.

"I would be remiss if I was living my life wishing I had something other than what I have. If, one day, I am blessed with the experience of having a child, I would be overjoyed, but I am not sitting here feeling empty because I haven't yet, or that I may not."

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  • Cameron Diaz pregnant again in new film

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