Kate Beckinsale 'hurt' hubby asked her to play villain

Thursday July 5, 2012

Kate Beckinsale has confessed she was hurt at first when husband Len Wiseman told her he was casting her as the villain in his Total Recall remake.

The Underworld star is Lori - the part played by Sharon Stone in the original movie - in the reboot written and directed by husband Len.

Kate told Empire magazine: "When Len started working on the script he said, 'I've got you in mind for this awful, villainous b****-wife, which upset me a tiny little bit, but then I moved through that."

The role meant Kate had to film a raunchy scene with co-star Colin Farrell, directed by her husband, but she insisted it was worse for Colin than it was for her and Len.

Kate said: "It wasn't a sex scene, it was a bit of a frisky hug.

"It's always more awkward for the other person, I think. I've got no movable parts, so I can be inscrutable."

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  • Kate Beckinsale 'hurt' hubby asked her to play villain

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