Sienna Miller: I probably don't seem 'particularly nice'

Wednesday August 5, 2009

British actress Sienna Miller faced a lot of criticism as a result of her relationship with Balthazar Getty

And in an interview with GQ magazine, the blonde beauty has said dating the married father-of-four "probably looked awful".

"I probably seem like not a particularly nice person, not a girl's girl," she said in light of the romance, which she dismissed as part of her rebellious years. 

"I do think sometimes people get morally superior without understanding situations.

"And the situation I got into was not ideal but it happened and if I could go back and be more responsible, I would," she said. 

"I have a good brain on me but I've never really used it when it comes to making decisions about love, which has been a blessing and a curse."

The GI Joe actress added that she and Brothers And Sisters star Balthazar are now just friends and that, aside from "a few dalliances", she has been single for the past year.

Photo: © Rex

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