Diana's ex-lover James Hewitt embarks on a new life in Spain

Monday October 5, 2009

James Hewitt, the former lover of Princess Diana says he no longer considers himself English.

The 51-year-old, who courted controversy after revealing details of his and Diana's five-year affair during her marriage to Prince Charles, embarked on a new life in Spain this spring.

After opening a bar in the fashionable Marbella area, James is cutting his final ties with the UK and selling his £1m Kensington flat.

"I don't even class myself as English any more. I have nothing to do with them - and they don't want me either," he says.

"I lived there for nearly 50 years and fought for Queen and country for 17 years - but I consider myself to be more European now."

The former household cavalry officer, who once tried to sell sixty personal letters from the late Princess for £10m, deems his Spanish success "amazing."

"I have a great outdoor life here, waking up to lovely weather. I swim, have some breakfast, disappear to the golf range and play a round of golf.

Then I get ready and come to the restaurant to work. I am here every day, evenings as well. That sounds boring - but it's not."

Photo: Rex

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  • Diana's ex-lover James Hewitt embarks on a new life in Spain

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