Louis praises Tulisa going back to brunette

Friday October 5, 2012

Louis Walsh has welcomed fellow X Factor judge Tulisa's decision to go back to the bottle and dye her hair brown.

The judge went dark again this week in anticipation for the live finals on Saturday.

Louis was full of praise for the change in look.

He said: "She's got the black hair back again, she's looking much better. That blonde thing has gone. It was awful. She's looking amazing."

Louis has opted for a rather unusual pet name for his fellow judge, branding her "a chav in a tracksuit."

He said: "She is a chav in a tracksuit. Well, you know what - she's a nice chav and she's got a nice tracksuit. I love her, I love Tulisa. It's a term of endearment."

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  • Louis praises Tulisa going back to brunette

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