Reminder of pre-university days for Prince Edward

Thursday November 5, 2009

It must have brought back memories for Prince Edward as he boarded the vessel Spirit of New Zealand this week in the country's Waitemata Harbour.

The last time he sailed the waters on the ship was back in 1982, when he was a 22 year old on his gap year before taking up a place at Cambridge University.

Back then, he worked as a house tutor and junior master for two terms at the Wanganui Collegiate School, an exclusive secondary school on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

This week Edward joined 40 youngsters on the ship in what was one of the high points of a four-day trip to the country to discuss the future direction of the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.

The Queen's youngest son recently hit headlines after telling a reporter how the death of a young British participant in the early years of the scheme boosted its popularity.

"Suddenly the award, which was new... its reputation among young people was, 'Wow, this is serious. You could die doing this.'," explained the 45-year-old.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Reminder of pre-university days for Prince Edward

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