Twitter tease Stephen Fry returns

Friday November 5, 2010

Just days after threatening to leave the social networking site, the King of Twitter has returned.

Stephen Fry came under fire after an article appeared in Attitude magazine attributing controversial comments to him.

In an attempt to explain the seemingly misconstrewed quotes, the star tweeted yesterday: “Hello there! Thought it was time I had a little blog. To set the record straight. Or straightish.”

The post contained a link to his blog, where he gave a detailed explanation.

"I suppose the keenest disappointment I feel about the past week and the almost incredible weirdnesses it has brought in its train is the idea that there are people out there who actually swallow the notion that I am so stupid as to believe that women don’t enjoy sex," he began.

The QI presenter was in Los Angeles last night for the BAFTA Britannia Awards, where he added: “As a gay man, female sexuality is patently a closed book to me."

Photo: © Twitter

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