Troubled Paul Gascoigne relies on friends for support

Friday November 5, 2010

Fears were raised for Paul Gascoigne after he was seen being helped by friends into the hotel where he is now living on Thursday afternoon.

Recent troubles have led the 43-year-old into the courtroom where he has been charged with drink-driving. A charge that he denies.

The former footie-ace was scolded by the magistrate presiding over the case for laughing and joking during proceedings.

Chairman of the bench Nigel Tapley, said: "This is a very serious matter Mr Gascoigne - very serious."

The ex-Newcastle player quickly apologised.

Earlier, when the magistrates left the courtroom to deliberate, Paul was heard to say: "I bet that they've got loads of sandwiches and that behind there!"

He also said: "It's like doing squats," after standing and sitting when the judges entered and left the court.

Photo: © Rex

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  • Troubled Paul Gascoigne relies on friends for support

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