Daniel Radcliffe feared a world without Potter

Monday November 5, 2012

Actor Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he worried that he would fail as an actor after finishing Harry Potter.

The British actor said that "he couldn't afford to take a break" because he knew the British film industry was watching his next moves.

Daniel said: "The film world will be watching to see what we do next and we can't afford to be seen to be inactive - that fear of failure is something that will panic me a lot."

Daniel went on: "I really want to prove all the people wrong who assumed, when I got the part, that we wouldn't carry on beyond Potter.

"I've already done stuff towards that; Equus, My Boy Jack, December Boys, Woman In Black - these are first steps in what is going to be a very long process."

The star may have some thrilling roles lined up, but he still doesn't consider himself part of the cool acting crowd.

The star said: "People think film stars are all very cool and I'm not, I am a geek. I'm obsessed with cricket, I'm not particularly what people want when they meet a movie star."

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