'This Morning' GP Chris Steele diagnosed with cancer

Wednesday December 5, 2012

This Morning's resident GP Chris Steele has been diagnosed with skin cancer sixteen years after its first remission. The doctor told show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby the cancer was "purely the result of over-exposure to the sun and sunbeds" many years ago.

He said: "Back in 1996 I had skin cancer on the left side of my cheek which was removed and I was left with a hole in my cheek about the size of a fifty pence piece and a skin surgeon stitched the edges together and you can't see where its been.

"A few years later my wife said 'you've got a mark on your back just the same as your face', and I went back to see the guy and yes, it was another skin cancer - a different type to the other one I had on my face...and then two weeks ago, I found a mark on my leg.

"I went to the specialist again and yes, it was skin cancer and my whole body was checked. I was told I've got more on my face, an early stage of skin cancer."

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  • 'This Morning' GP Chris Steele diagnosed with cancer

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