ITV reveals exciting new quiz shows

Thursday February 6, 2014

ITV has commissioned two new quiz formats airing later this year: Ejector Seat and The 21st Question.

Presented by Andi Peters, Ejector Seat sees six contestants taking their place in seats at the top of a track which lead to ‘the edge’, as they compete to win up to £10,000.

If players answer fast-paced general knowledge questions correctly, they stay in the seat. However, if they give an incorrect answer, their seat heads towards ‘the edge’, and if they fail to stop themselves, they are ejected.

In The 21st Question, presented by Gethin Jones, one player faces ten challengers through a series of tense rounds, where the winner stays on and the loser is eliminated.

Questions will test players’ strategy and wits, and whoever is left standing will face a chance to win big – as long as they can answer The 21st Question.

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  • ITV reveals exciting new quiz shows

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