Enrique has no plans to marry Anna Kournikova

Tuesday March 6, 2012

Enrique Iglesias has said he doesn't plan to marry his long-time love Anna Kournikova.

The Hero singer and the former tennis star have been dating for 11 years, and last year the Spanish heart-throb called Anna his wife when introducing her on stage at a concert in Russia.

He told Parade magazine: "I've never really thought marriage would make a difference.

"Maybe it's because I come from divorced parents, but I don't think you love someone more because of a piece of paper.

"And nowadays, it's not taboo to have kids and not be married. What makes a difference is that you're a good parent, period."

The 36-year-old singer added that calling Anna his wife did not mean they had secretly tied the knot.

He said: "It was just meant to be sweet in the moment. I honestly didn't mean to confuse people. I thought it'd be easier for the audience to understand than if I said 'my girl'."

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  • Enrique has no plans to marry Anna Kournikova

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