Goodfellas Ray Liotta sues skin-care company

Thursday March 6, 2014

Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta has reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against skincare company called Nerium International, which claims to be responsible for the actor’s skin improvement.

The company has promoted a skincare product on social media with a “before and after” picture of Ray, claiming that the wonder cream has made him look younger.

According to 59-year-old Ray, he has never even used the product, nor has he given his permission for the company to use the photos in their ad.

In addition to suing the company, he has also filed a lawsuit against investor Micheal Shouded who stars in the US reality series Shahs of Sunset.

This autumn Ray will be staying in New Dehli where he will be filming a mafia thriller called The Field. Ray will be portraying an arms dealer caught in the middle of an erupting war within an Indian mafia family.

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