Jamie Hince dismisses Galliano wedding dress reports

Wednesday April 6, 2011

Jamie Hince, the soon-to-be husband of Kate Moss, has been putting rumours to rest surrounding her wedding dress.

The Kills frontman, due to wed Kate in July, has rubbished reports that former Dior designer John Galliano had been tasked with creating the gown, describing them as "unfounded entirely".

He has also shared his perspective on the anti-Semitic comments made by the couturier, which led to his dismissal from the French fashion house.

"I haven’t seen the video, and I don’t even know John that well, but I feel like people have got to see the reason here," he told the Sunday Times magazine.

"John has a problem with alcohol, and the reality is when we're in trouble, and that's all of us, we say the most violent, cursed things."

"You can judge them on the stupid words they say – which I think were stupid, I hope that goes without saying – or you can dig a bit deeper and you can try and find out what the problem is," he added.

"And I think it's obvious that its alcohol. People are trying to say those are his politics. 'I love Hitler' – that's not political, that's someone in trouble."

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