Virgin boss plays personal hygiene-challenged bin man

Wednesday May 6, 2009

With his heavily tattooed arms and discoloured teeth Richard Branson is barely recognisable as he makes a cameo appearance driving a rubbish cart in a new commerical for the Virgin train service.
Eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot Richard as a bin man at Glasgow train station in the new spot which airs on Wednesday night. It's the business tycoon's first appearance in a TV advert for nearly a decade.
The ad features stressed businessman Ed trying to finish a brief while travelling on a Virgin train. Having indulged in the various services on offer, he manages to get his act together to finish his presentation, leading to dreams of glory recognised by his face on the cover of a business magazine.
"Years ago I decided to bow out and let our companies tell their own product stories in their TV ads without my ugly mug detracting from their messages," said the British tycoon. But added he "jumped at the chance" to take a cameo role to promote the upgraded service

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  • Virgin boss plays personal hygiene-challenged bin man

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