Gordon Ramsay's colourful language has US viewers stunned 

Wednesday May 6, 2009

Brits have come to expect the odd expletive from fiery celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay when he appears on TV. American viewers are not so used to his colourful language, however. And the culinary whiz caused a stir when his conversation had to be bleeped during an appearance on a US chat show this week.
At one point Gordon explained that the letter 'F' in his show The F Word stood for "food". The show's host, David Letterman, laughed and replied: "Oh, the food word," to which Gordon said: "Yes, nothing to do with f***." The end of sentence was bleeped.
As David hid behind his drinking cup and the audience broke into nervous laughter Gordon apologised repeatedly for the slip. He then turned the tables on the American presenter, saying David was "going to get me into such trouble".

"I think you're taking care of that!" was his host's riposte.

Photo: CBS

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  • Gordon Ramsay's colourful language has US viewers stunned 

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