Jessica Chastain wouldn't dye trademark locks

Monday May 6, 2013

Jessica Chastain has insisted she would never dye her trademark red hair.

The Zero Dark Thirty actress told Tatler that she loves her "defining feature" so much she will always wear wigs on set instead of changing its colour. 

"I would never dye my hair. I always wear wigs when I'm filming - it helps me get into character," said the Oscar nominee

"I wore one for my role in The Debt - even throwing punches in all those fight scenes didn't make it fall off."

She admitted she hasn't always been so fond of her bright red locks.

"I hated my red hair as a child - I just wanted to look like everybody else.

"Even when I first moved to Los Angeles, I don't think anyone knew what to do with me because I wasn't a typical 'babe'.

"But it's become my defining feature and now I adore it."

She also revealed her The Debt co-star Sam Worthington had to teach her how to run properly for the film's action scenes.

"I used to look like such a wimp when I tried. He told me to think of Tom Cruise when he runs in movies - that's what I was aiming for," Jessica, 36, said.

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