Apprentice star Rebecca Slater on her exit from the show

Thursday June 6, 2013

Business enterpreneur Rebecca Slater became the latest Apprentice candidate to leave the competition - and said she could blow boardroom rival Luisa Zissman "out of the water" in real life.

Rebecca became the sixth candidate to be given the boot by Lord Sugar as her team Evolve lost a task to create a corporate away day for struggling to stick to their "back to school" theme.

Reflecting on her exit, Rebecca said her good manners had contributed to her own departure.

She said: "I'm an incredibly polite person which doesn't do you any favours in the boardroom.

I'm the sort of person who will wait to be spoken to or wait for a natural pause in the conversation and often there wasn't one with all the arguments going on. "

She also blasted Luisa for her "big ego" and said: "In the real world I'd blow her out of the water - but in the process you're having to keep people on side who you wouldn't necessarily work with in every day life. In the boardroom she was argumentative and challenging. She's got a big ego."

"Luisa is in her own little bubble and that's fine. Good luck to her. But I'm not sure how successful she'd be in your normal working environment.”

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  • Apprentice star Rebecca Slater on her exit from the show

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