Blair and banter for Christine and Adrian on 'Daybreak'

Monday September 6, 2010

Former The One show hosts Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles couldn't have hoped for a more auspicious start for their move to ITV.

The presenters – who each left the BBC on million-pound deals - made their ITV debut on the channel's new flagship morning programme Daybreak to the backdrop of a glorious sunrise.

"We spent good money bringing this view to you so I'm glad you can see it," quppied Adrian.

He also jokily pointed out the studio was superior to the "really sh.... shoe-cupboard-like places" he'd worked before.

When it came to the sports segment, Adrian told Christine: "This is more of a man's thing".

She retorted: "I'll just sit here and file my nails then".

As an added boost to the first episode, Tony Blair appeared to defend the forthright comments that appeared on Gordon Brown in his memoirs.

Photo: ITV

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  • Blair and banter for Christine and Adrian on 'Daybreak'

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