John Prescott binned wife's wedding dress

Thursday September 6, 2012

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has confessed, on prime time TV, that he put his wife's wedding dress into the rubbish.

On All Star Mr & Mrs, Lord Prescott tried to assure the audience that the dispoal was for a pragmatic reason.

He said: "When we got married she bought a wedding dress but she never told me how much it cost. At the time she told me she would turn it into a cocktail dress but she never did.

"We had this big box that we used to carry from house to house. When we got to Hull I said 'listen, why are we carrying this big box, it's never going to be used again. Let's get rid of it'."

He added: "She was pregnant at the time. We went down to the corporation tip and we dumped it. She had a tear in her eye, I must admit."

Lady Pauline Prescott, 73, did not draw the same sense of relief from the annecdote.

She said: "John never kept his wedding suit. I wish he had so I could throw it on the tip." 

The couple, who have been together for 50 years, laughed and joked with each another and reminisced about the early days of their romance.

Lady Prescott described John as a "very bronzed, handsome man" who she met in a serendipitious moment at the bus queue.

The couple reached the final round of the show, and won £15,000, which will be donated to Chrohn's and Colitis UK.  

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