Nineteenth time lucky: Ozzy Osbourne gets his licence

Tuesday October 6, 2009

Ozzy Osbourne can now do something many adults take for granted – get in a car and go for a drive.

The prince of darkness has passed his test on the 19th attempt. 

He recently tweeted: "Took me 60 years but I did it!"

"It's so cute he's like Mr Independent now," his daughter Kelly told a US TV channel.

While she's still not sure about being driven by her dad on the motorway, the TV personality is happy to go for short food runs with him.

Wife Sharon also says she'll let him take the wheel now "that he's officially allowed to drive".

The rock star explained that overcoming his problems with drink and drugs had helped. 

In the past driving examiners refused to get in the car with him.

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Photo: © Rex

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  • Nineteenth time lucky: Ozzy Osbourne gets his licence

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