Practical beauty: Makeup allergies

Thursday October 6, 2011

If you have sensitive skin, it can be an expensive business trying out different brands and products to find out which work best for you.

So we've put together a few basic guidelines that should help you lessen the chance of problems...

Keep cosmetics up-to-date
Just like foodstuffs, modern cosmetic packaging includes a guide that will tell you how long the product will stay fresh after opening.

The label should show a little icon of an open container and a number indicating the number of months that the product can be used for.

It's a good idea to write on each container when you first open it, and even if it isn't empty, when the safe period has passed, replace it.

The way you store your cosmetics can also help reduce the risk of premature deterioration.

In general, heat, light and damp can speed the chemical changes in the products, so it's a good idea to keep your makeup in a cupboard, not out on the sunny dressing table or in the bathroom.

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