Richard Madeley shares snowy frustrations on Twitter

Thursday January 7, 2010

With heavy snow leaving Britain's roads impassable and many residents trapped indoors, people could be forgiven for feeling a little frustrated.

Among those affected was former This Morning host Richard Madeley, who decided to tweet about his distress.

"Snowing gently now in North London and still no grrrrrrrrritters. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...," the father-of-one posted alongside a picture of himself in the freezing conditions.

TV host Jonathan Ross had mixed views about the white blanket across the country.

"It is beautiful but rather dangerous out there! Now to snuggle with wife and dogs," he tweeted.

And presenter Jenni Falconer had a lucky escape, rote: "Snow's dumping down outside but managed to get home without being ambushed by all the neighbours' kids who have a pile of snowballs ready!!"

Meanwhile BBC's Andi Peters was missing out on all the fun.

"Still no real snow where I live," he said.

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