Howard K. Stern acquitted in Anna Nicole Smith case

Friday January 7, 2011

Howard K. Stern, one time lawyer and boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith, has been acquitted on conspiracy felony charges relating to her tragic death.

Anna died suddenly in 2007 at the age of 39 from a drug overdose, and Stern - along with two doctors - was charged with illegally supplying her with the drugs that lead to her death.

A Los Angeles judge has dismissed the charges against the 42-year-old however, stating that there was no evidence he intended fraud or deception when he got the pills for Anna using fake names, as the prosecution had claimed.

Smiling in the courtroom as the judge read the verdict, Howard said he was happy that Anna had finally been vindicated.

Claiming that the prosecution tried to portray Anna as a weak-willed drug addict, he said: “She was an incredibly strong person and smart – nobody could take advantage of Anna."

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  • Howard K. Stern acquitted in Anna Nicole Smith case

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