'Dry January' for Jack Whitehall

Monday January 7, 2013

Comedian Jack Whitehall has vowed to steer clear of alcohol for a month.

The King of Comedy has recently come under fire for his antics on The Big Fat Quiz of the year. He sparked controversy when he made irreverent jokes about the Queen, comments which were reportedly fuelled by drinking.

Jack, however, is opting for a more sober approach from now on.

He said: "I watched that film Flight with Denzel Washington where he plays an alcoholic pilot, and there's this bit at the beginning where he pours his alcohol down the sink and shouts at his ex-wife - well, I did that to my girlfriend."

Jack went on: "I didn't have a problem before or anything, I just drank recreationally, but made it like I had a real problem and started pouring it away and throwing tinnies round the room and kicking stuff."

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