Charlie Sheen and goddess split – and then reunite

Monday March 7, 2011

The media circus around Charlie Sheen continues.

And on Saturday it was his unusual living arrangements making headlines when it was announced one of his live-in 'goddess' girlfriends had "left the building".

Taking to his record-breaking Twitter account, the troubled star wrote in an "Update: Sober Valley Ranch."

"We're sad…Over it…Applications now being accepted."

Hours later, however, he revealed that Rachel Oberlin, 24, - an adult actress – had returned.

She was not featured however in Charlie's new homemade webcast, Sheen's Korner, on Saturday.

The live hour-long show was streamed on, attracting 104,000 viewers in the first 15 minutes.

It saw the 45-year-old actor - joined by his other girlfriend Natalie Kenly (pictured) - deliver a series of musings from inside his Sherman Oaks home.

One lady who did tune in? Paris Hilton.

The socialite is of one of 1.8 million people following Charlie's escapades on Twitter, and sent him a message on Saturday saying: "Hey neighbour, think I might have Tigerblood, and I'm definitely winning! Huge!"

Paris – who lives in the same area as Charlie and is friends with his estranged wife Brooke Mueller – ended her tweet with a shout out for his webcast, adding: "Can't wait to see Sheen's corner."

Charlie Sheen: The turbulent life of a Hollywood bad boy

Photo: UStream/Charlie Sheen

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  • Charlie Sheen and goddess split – and then reunite

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