'I hate being on my own,' says Cheryl Cole

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Her diary has been jam-packed since the successful launch of her solo career in October - and that's just the way Cheryl Cole likes it.The Geordie lass has admitted: "Secretly... I hate being on my own".

"I travel the whole world and hardly have any time for myself," she reveals.

"I just want to stay busy and keep the energy flowing. I fear I'd go brain dead if I don't, so I just have to keep busy - even if it means I have to talk to myself.

"I get bored to tears (during time off). After two weeks off at Christmas, I went mental. In the end I had to book a holiday and went to the beach with my mum."

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  • 'I hate being on my own,' says Cheryl Cole

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