Doctor Who stars explore Britain in space

Wednesday April 7, 2010

After the long-anticipated new series of Doctor Who hit screens last week, it received rapturous praise from critics and fans alike.

And, if newly-released trailer shots are anything to go by, the second episode will be just as good.

In new clips from this week's installment, starring new Timelord Matt Smith and his companion Amy, played by Karen Gillan, the two characters are seen soaking wet, with their clothes stuck to their bodies, as they battle a mysterious 'beast'.

The episode revolves around the Doctor taking Amy into the distant future, where she finds 'Britain' in space.

As Amy explores 'Britain', temporarily housed on Starship UK while they search the universe for a new home, she comes across the deadly Smilers and finds out the truth about her former country.

The episode, due to be shown on Saturday, also stars Hotel Rwanda actress Sophie Okonedo as Liz Ten, the new monarch of Great Britain.

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  • Doctor Who stars explore Britain in space

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