Prince Harry delights cadets with surprise visit

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Prince Harry made the day of thirty teen cadets preparing for a charity trip to Africa this week.

As patron of the exercise, the third-in-line to the throne turned up to a team meeting at a British Army training base in Wales to praise their efforts and help prepare them for the trip.

"The cadets will provide a huge contribution and it will be a wonderful opportunity for them," he said.

"It is an environment they will never get used to and it will surprise them, but it will be one huge adventure."

Each cadet has had to raise £1000  in order to take part in the expedition, which runs from the July 24 to August 18.

"Meeting Harry makes us all want to get out there to make a change," said one cadet, whose plaster cast the Prince signed while he was visiting.

"I'm keeping it now, I'm putting it in a glass case. They are not going to cut this cast off me!" she said.   

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  • Prince Harry delights cadets with surprise visit

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