Sarah Brown vows to keep tweeting during campaign

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Her millions of Twitter followers were worried Sarah Brown's involvement in the election campaign trail would put an end to her regular updates.

But the mum and charity campaigner has assured them she will continue tweeting as she battles to get her husband Gordon Brown elected on May 6.

"I'm not really going to change anything. I'm going to carry on reporting on my days and what I do," she said in an online YouTube video.

"I love my Twitter followers, I love the exchanges I have with them. Of course I'm going to be out there, campaigning to re-elect a Labour government.

"But my Twitter is to talk about my day and find out what other people are doing and that's how it's going to stay."

There have been reports Sarah is to launch her own YouTube channel to compete with the Web Sam Cameron videos being posted by David Cameron's wife Samantha.

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  • Sarah Brown vows to keep tweeting during campaign

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