Anne Hathway on hosting Oscars: 'Critics were tough'

Thursday April 7, 2011

Anne Hathaway's job as Oscar host earlier this year received a mixed reaction.

Whilst many fans found her joint performance with James Franco funny, critics were quick to disapprove, some deeming it the "worst ever" Academy Awards. 

The actress has now spoken about her feelings on the reception.

"The critics were tough", Anne said on US programme The Today Show.

"They called it the worst show ever. I think that qualifies as tough," she laughed.

But The Devil Wears Prada actress has taken some comfort in the fans who praised her.

"People have been coming up to me afterwards who stop and say "I thought it was fantastic. I watched it with my family and we loved it".

"I am very grateful to those people."

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  • Anne Hathway on hosting Oscars: 'Critics were tough'

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