Rupert Friend takes centre stage at Cheri premiere

Thursday May 7, 2009

In the absence of Michelle Pfeiffer and his own leading lady Keira Knightley, who was ill at home, Rupert Friend and his co-star Felicity Jones presented new film Cheri at its London premiere on Wednesday.
Rupert's latest silver screen appearance features Michelle as a French courtesan who falls in love with Cheri, the pampered young son of one of her friends, played by the 27-year-old Pride And Prejudice star.
Speaking about filming some of the more intimate shots with his beautiful 51-year-old co-star, Rupert said: It's very important that you sort of have a trust…and it made doing the love scenes a lot more comfortable and funny. They were a lot of fun, funnier than I thought they would be!"
But the London-based talent did confess he suffered from nerves before filming began about playing opposite one of the world's most famous actresses. "It's like taking your clothes off in public," he said. "It's very humiliating in some ways and yet exhilarating in other ways"

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  • Rupert Friend takes centre stage at Cheri premiere

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