Anthony Hopkins: 'I pulled myself back from the brink'

Wednesday November 7, 2012

Acting veteran Sir Anthony Hopkins said that he has found a new way to enjoy his life now he is "back from the brink."

The Silence of the Lambs actor told TV Times magazine how he put his alcoholic past behind him to get on with his life. The 74-year-old star said: "I've been given such an amazing gift of life because I nearly killed myself with booze.

"I was drinking myself into oblivion, then, some 30-odd years ago, I thought, this is not the smartest way to go on.

"I could kill somebody one day in my car. Not a clever thing to do, driving drunk."

"I pulled myself back from the brink by some force in myself which said I didn't want to die. It was as if a voice inside me, said, 'It's all over now, you can start living. It's all been for a purpose'."

The actor, who married art dealer-turned-actress and producer Stella Arroyave in 2003, added: "My life is much more stable and solid because I appreciate it more."

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  • Anthony Hopkins: 'I pulled myself back from the brink'

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