Charles and Camilla ice cool on fun Christmas card

Tuesday December 7, 2010

More of the couple's Christmas cards

Smiling cheerfully and wrapped up warmly in snug country clothes, this is Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at their most relaxed.

The image is especially heartwarming since Camilla, a reluctant skier, is clearly happy trying a new sport with her husband - who is very experienced on the slopes - by her side.

Captured by a friend last winter at the royal couple’s Highland retreat Birkhall, on the Queen’s Balmoral estate, the photo appears on their Christmas card this year.

The Duchess - who is known to prefer walking - tried cross-country skiing for the first time last winter at Balmoral after a heavy snowfall.

A Clarence House spokeswoman said: "The opportunity arose for the Duchess to try cross-country skiing and she enjoyed the experience".

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  • Charles and Camilla ice cool on fun Christmas card

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