Keira Knightley 'worried and distressed' by stalker

Monday February 8, 2010

British actress Keira Knightley has been left "worried and distressed" by an alleged stalker, a court has heard.

A Polish man, who was arrested last Thursday night for hounding Keira, appeared before a magistrates' court at the weekend.

The 41-year-old, named Marek Daniluk, was charged with harrassment after continuously waiting for the actress outside the theatre where she is currently performing.

He is also believed to have grabbed the Atonement star's arm and questioned her over gifts and notes he had posted to her.

One of his letters was said to contain "inapropriate content".

Mr Daniluk has pleaded "not guilty" to the charge and is due to stand trial in June.

Two years ago, Keira revealed she had left Britain for the US after discovering five stalkers.

"I've no way of knowing if they could be potential rapists. I'm frightened every time I see one of them," she has said previously.

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  • Keira Knightley 'worried and distressed' by stalker

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