Sarah Brown supports her man on campaign trail

Thursday April 8, 2010

It's likely to be a tight race between Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative Party leader David Cameron come May 6 and the pair's spouses, Sarah Brown and Samantha Cameron, are set to play a bigger role in the outcome than ever before.

Indeed, many are already saying they find the politicians' other halves more interesting than the candidates themselves.

Straight after her husband announced the election on Tuesday, Sarah, who has pledged not to give up tweeting during the campaign, was boarding a train with him to Rochester, Kent.

There she visited a local supermarket where she was presented with a bouquet and chatted with staff and customers.

The next morning, dressed in a lime cardigan and black-and-grey-spotted dress, she accompanied Gordon to the GMTV studios for an interview.

Then it was off to sample some healthy smoothies at the Innocent factory in west London.

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  • Sarah Brown supports her man on campaign trail

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