Former pupil fuels Kate Middleton bullying controversy

Friday April 8, 2011

From school girl to Princess: Kate's early years

There was no bullying at Downe House, the private school Kate Middleton briefly attended, another former pupil has claimed.

There has been a lot of press interest in the issue after the royal fiancée asked wedding guests to donate money to an anti-bullying charity.

Writing in the Daily Mail Taffeta Grey, who was a few years older than Kate, said there was no bitchiness.

She then, however, goes on to describe an incident in which she herself was stripped and sprayed with blue paint.

On another occasion, Taffeta was hoisted up on lockers in the PE changing rooms and left there by senior pupils.

Her account also includes reports of endemic anorexia and self-harming at the school.

Kate’s parents withdrew her after two terms, enrolling her instead at Marlborough College.

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  • Former pupil fuels Kate Middleton bullying controversy

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