'Episodes' star Tamsin Grieg on kissing Matt LeBlanc

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Tamsin Greig says she can't understand why women want to know about her kiss with Matt LeBlanc.

The actress locked lips with the ex-Friends actor for a scene in the first series of BBC Two comedy Episodes.

"I'm sure no one said to Matt, 'What was it like kissing Tamsin Greig? That must have been a real highlight of your career'," she said.

"He's just a bloke and actually kissing is so technical. It's about being at the right angle and having the mouth in a certain position because a real kiss doesn't look very good on camera."

Despite Beverly, her Episodes alter-ego, moving out to LA, Tamsin said she is staying put.

"I don't care what shape I am, I don't care how old I look but Hollywood does, so it would be a tricky relationship," she said.

Photo: © BBC

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  • 'Episodes' star Tamsin Grieg on kissing Matt LeBlanc

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