Unusual upbringing helps Yasmina to Apprentice victory

Monday June 8, 2009

As 27-year-old restaurateur Yasmina Siadatan celebrated winning a £100,000-a-year job with Sir Alan Sugar following her stint on The Apprentice, details emerged of the unconventional upbringing which she says gave her the drive to succeed.

Yasmina, it transpires, has four women she calls "mum". Her Iranian father Medi currently has three wives whom he married in Islamic ceremonies after he and Yasmina's mum divorced, reports the Daily Mirror.

"When I was growing up you had to fight to get your voice heard," Yasmina tells the paper. "It was survival of the fittest."

Medi now lives in the middle East with his wives and nine of his children, but he is immensely proud of his high-flying daughter. For her part Yasmina says he's been an inspiration.

"My dad's a strong person," she says. "He's a wheeler dealer and an entrepreneur like Sir Alan so helped me understand business."

The culmination of the show was the last appearance for Sir Alan's advisor Margaret Mountford. The 56-year-old has left the programme after five years to concentrate on her PhD in ancient Egyptian manuscripts.

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  • Unusual upbringing helps Yasmina to Apprentice victory

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