Mystery still surrounds Michael Jackson's final resting place

Wednesday July 8, 2009

The last tune has been sung, the final eulogy read, but with the star-studded tribute to Michael Jackson over, it is still unclear as to where his golden casket will be buried. 

The king of pop's death certificate lists the Forest Park Cemetery - where the private family service was held and where his grandmother is buried – as the place his body was held after his death. 

However, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be his final resting place. Earlier reports stated he had a plot there, though it's thought these may have been a misdirection to keep the real place secret. 

His casket was not spotted leaving the Staples Center after the end of the public memorial on Tuesday.

Several stories claimed the Thriller singer was to end up at his former Neverland home in Santa Barbara, something which his brother seemed to support in a TV interview last week. 

But laws governing where people can be buried would mean this would be difficult. In addition, country officials have said no burial request has been filed with the relavent department.

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  • Mystery still surrounds Michael Jackson's final resting place

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