'I nailed the lie,' says William Hague as cap boosts firm

Wednesday September 8, 2010

Days after issuing an extraordinary personal statement about his heartbreaking efforts to start a family with his wife Ffion, William Hague has expressed gratitude for all the messages of sympathy.

The Foreign Secretary told followers on Twitter: "Thanks for another day of very supportive comments.

"What was said about me was a big lie which I hope has been nailed.

"I am enjoying my work".

The politician opened up about his marriage last week in an effort to end speculation that he'd had a homosexual relationship with a former adviser.

His tweet came as a US company revealed that a widely published photograph of Mr Hague – accompanied by the aide – and wearing a baseball cap with their logo on it had boosted interest in their products.

Chris Wardle of Montana's Bozeman watch company told the Daily Telegraph that the publicity had been "a gift from God".

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  • 'I nailed the lie,' says William Hague as cap boosts firm

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