Tiler's daughter Princess Tessy in first royal portrait

Thursday October 8, 2009

In the summer came the news she had been styled Princess Tessy by permission of her father-in-law, Grand Duke Henri.

And now the remarkable journey from a humble background as the daughter of a tiler to becoming princess of a European realm seems complete for Prince Louis of Luxembourg's young wife.

For the first time ever, the pretty blonde has appeared in an official portrait with the rest of the Luxemborg royals.

In the picture, taken to commemorate the ninth anniversary of Henri's swearing in as Grand Duke, Tessy sits by her mother-in-law Maria Teresa with her son Gabriel on her lap.

And her dashing husband can be seen behind them, with their second son Noah in his arms.

Tessy, a former soldier, met her royal beau while she was serving as driver in the armed forces.

The couple welcomed their first child in March 2006 when they were both 19, before going on to marry later that year. On tying the knot, Louis, Henri's third son, gave up his claim to the throne.

Photo: © Rex

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  • Tiler's daughter Princess Tessy in first royal portrait

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