Shocked Swedes back scandal-hit King Carl Gustaf

Monday November 8, 2010

Portrait of a marriage: Carl Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden

The Swedish public have undoubtedly discovered another side to their monarch following revelations of indiscretions with a string of women.

But 80 per cent say that the allegations have not changed their perception of King Carl Gustaf.

In a poll by STV, the national broadcaster, another 50 per cent said they thought it was wrong for journalists to look into the private lives of the royal family.

Until the publication of the unofficial biography, Carl XVI Gustaf – The reluctant monarch, the 64-year-old was seen as the model of a respectable family man.

And the verdict in many quarters is that his dignity is intact despite the claims.

"(His press conference) was completely brilliant. Carl XVI Gustaf was himself," royal correspondent Brita Svensson told the Telegraph.

"The king is ruling. Half of all Swedes say they have very good or good faith in the king.

"That is a sensational result for a 'reluctant monarch'."

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  • Shocked Swedes back scandal-hit King Carl Gustaf

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