Rolf Harris decorated with highest Australian honour

Thursday November 8, 2012

Australian icon Rolf Harris has been given an Officer of the Order award – the highest accolade Down Under has to offer its brightest and best.

On Wednesday, eighty-two-year old Rolf was recognised at The Australian High Commission for his outstanding contributions to charity and performing arts.

The star already has a CBE as well as numerous other awards, and the Three Little Boys singer said that he wouldn't know where to keep the latest addition to his collection."Trying to find where to put them is my main problem," he joked.

Rolf is currently preparing for a rare, one-off gig in The Royal Hall on February 8. He will sing a collection of his greatest hits and creating a painting live onstage. 

"I said I'd love to do it because it's such a fantastic building, purpose-built so that everybody can see everything on stage," he revealed.  

"There's no bad seats, they're all perfect and it's a wonderful acoustic place. I just can't wait to do it."

Image: © Getty

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  • Rolf Harris decorated with highest Australian honour

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