Nude Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate pic sold

Tuesday December 8, 2009

A nude photograph of film director Roman Polanski and his late wife Sharon Tate has sold at auction for $11,250 (£6,870).

The picture, taken by world-renowned David Bailey, depicts the couple from the waist up, their arms around each other and gazing into the lens.

The portrait was created in 1969 - just months before pregnant Sharon was murdered in Los Angeles.

Hollywood star Roman, who is currently under house arrest at his Swiss Alps chalet, was left devastated by the death of his wife and unborn baby.

"This picture of Polanski with his bride is one which I think is very poignant obviously because it was taken earlier in 1969... so it has a particular emotional resonance which was certainly not intended when it was taken, but it is a haunting picture for that reason," an auctioneer says.

Photo: Rex

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  • Nude Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate pic sold

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