David Beckham covers up nude Renaissance tattoo

Tuesday March 9, 2010

David Beckham's latest tattoo is inspired by a Renaissance painting of Cupid carrying his wife Psyche to Heaven.

It seems the footballer may have been a little too shy to display all of the original picture when he had it etched onto his arm recently, though.

The father-of-three has seemingly modified the painting to show a piece of fabric delicately covering an intimate part of Psyche's body.

David's full collection of tattoos was available for all to see as he revealed his toned torso after a match with AC Milan at the weekend.

The body art is thought to be the sportsman's 18th tattoo and comes just two months after he had a Jesus Christ design inked in memory of his late grandfather, Joe West, who died in December.

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  • David Beckham covers up nude Renaissance tattoo

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